DJH Sustainability

The Brief

DJH Sustainability is a sustainability consultancy that works with SMEs to build sustainable practices that save them money and help the environment.

As a start-up they came to us through one of our favourite website designers, Fairly Marvellous CIC, interested in our £100 start-up package.

DJH Sustainability
Copywriting Agency

Tippy Tapping that tone

This was a blank canvas. TippyTap had the responsibility of working with our client on a tight budget to ensure that their new company’s voice became a reality.

When working with start-ups, we don’t charge for meetings because we understand that ideas can shift as dreams become reality.

What we did

We got to work tippy tapping.

After our initial consultation, it became apparent that DJH was looking to work with businesses within the construction trade, so we decided to pull in words that would reflect that.

We’ll admit, we don’t always get it perfect first time, and in the case of DJH what we’d perceived as a great tone and target market didn’t reflect what they wanted. However, communication is vital, so by going back to the drawing board and listening more to the client, we were able to provide them with some excellent, long-lasting content.

TippyTap Ltd believes in building and maintaining relationships with clients and we were overjoyed to be able to advise on blog posts for the new business as well. We look forward to working more with DJH Sustainability Consulting in the future.

What the client said

I’m very pleased with my new website: A BIG thank you to all at fairly marvellous for making it happen – great work! Also to Tippy Tap Ltd. for brilliant copywriting.

David Harman

DJH Sustainability