Kelli Waldock Make-Up Artist

The Brief

Kelli is an extremely talented make-up artist who runs Kelli Waldock Make-Up and Pinkies Salon.

Her work has featured in multiple wedding magazines and campaigns. Her service is extremely personal and professional.

Kelli Waldock wedding make up
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Tippy Tapping that tone

Heather met Kelli while she was getting her nails done and quickly discovered that she was running two businesses out of one website. Alongside this, the content on the website was filled with spam and adverts which didn’t adequately reflect the premium service that Kelli and her team provide.

What we did

The first thing we did was put Kelli in touch with Fairly Marvellous CIC and Not Another Marketing Agency so she could get the website and marketing advice and guidance that she needed.

It quickly became apparent that Pinkies and Kelli’s make-up business needed separate websites and tailored content that would match both of them. While both businesses had similar branding it was important that they were considered to be separate entities.

The Kelli Waldock Make-Up Artist site focussed on ensuring that brides (and anyone else using the service, she does amazing make-up for parties and special occasions) would feel at ease, knowing exactly what they would receive, how personalised it would be and how Kelli would help them. The key was to ensure a personalised touch, after all, it’s your wedding day, it has to be about you.

What the client said

I am so happy with my new websites and the content on them. Heather at TippyTap has shared a wealth of knowledge with me and I couldn’t be more greatful.

Kelli Waldock

Kelli Waldock Make-Up Artist