QV Dog Store

The Brief

QV Dog Store is a brand new and innovative pet store in Margate, selling raw foods, dog toys, and wearables. All products are organic, toys and wearables are high quality and long-lasting, meaning that they need to be replaced less often.

The business is aimed at dog owners who treat their animals as individuals and members of the family and who want to make the best possible choices for their pets.

They have a strong focus on waste reduction and helping the environment.

The business is linked to a local veterinary surgery.

The owner of QV Dog Store, Tommy, previously ran a successful barbering business but during the pandemic, he and his partner welcomed a new addition to their family – an adorable bull terrier puppy named Matilda. Matilda inspired Tommy to take his passion for giving dogs the best possible care, and turn it into a funky, high-end destination for like-minded dog owners.

Margate has a growing reputation as a cool destination with a growing community of shops and businesses specialising in high-quality, local, vintage and lifestyle products and services. There is a strong retro seaside aesthetic, particularly in the Old Town and Cliftonville areas

QV dog Store
Copywriting Agency

Tippy Tapping that tone

The main focus was to make sure that Tommy and Matilda’s personalities came across throughout the content and that the words were appealing to any readers (they needed to entice dog owners through the door).

The copy also needed to embrace Margate’s arty feel without sounding twee or cliched.

What we did

First of all, we sent out one of our tone of voice questionnaires. While Matilda couldn’t answer the questions, Tommy did on their behalf.

Our overall findings and tone suggestions perfectly met the need of the brand.

  • Down-to-earth, approachable, non-pretentious
  • Caring, passionate about dogs, treating them as family and giving them the best
  • Ethical, sustainable, environmentally friendly
  • Intelligent, witty and cool
  • Quirky, British, nostalgic and with an emphasis on quality and authenticity
  • Local, reliable, focus on building relationships within the community, with dogs and their owners

What the client said


We translated this to:

“This is perfect”


QV dog Store