Sage Installations

The Brief

Sage Installations are a double glazing and conservatory fitting company based in Whitstable. They had a website, but weren’t receiving much traffic and were worried that maybe their content needed to be changed.

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Tippy Tapping that tone

On looking at their website, it became apparent that a large amount of it had been copied from other sites, meaning that search engines would not acknowledge it as it was duplicated. Additionally, there were no targetted keywords on the site.

What we did

After requesting access to the backend of their website, Tippy Tap got to work. Initially, we changed and edited all of the content to ensure that there was no plagiarism from other sites. During this process, we inserted keywords into the site, changed the search engine meta descriptions, and updated URLs to reflect the new content.

We also added an ‘About Us’ page to bring a more personal feel to a family company.

Through our work with Sage Installations, we found that their team needed advice and guidance on how to update social media and maintain a better presence on Google My Business. While we have the knowledge to be able to advise, we referred Sage to a marketing expert who we work alongside.

Sage Installations

What the client said

“Sorry, gone off the radar, so busy at the minute. We are getting much more web traffic, thank you”

Ryan Sage

Sage Installations