The Brief

Whittle is a heritage joinery company who were moving to try to define their independence from a larger conglomerate. They are extremely talented at fitting out large spaces and use innovative techniques in creating their pieces. Whittle’s portfolio includes Fortnum and Mason, Facebook’s London Headquarters, and The Science Museum.

Tippy Tap Ltd. were asked to write their website and brochure content incorporating a new tone of voice.


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Copywriting Agency

Tippy Tapping that tone

New website

New tone of voice

Updated brochures

What we did

As a rebrand it was vital that we could see how Whittle’s team saw the business so, we set out a tone of voice questionnaire. The team told us about exactly which animals and cars they saw themselves as and, also, why their company crossed the road. Yes, they sound like silly questions, but they make a difference.


After signing off the tone of voice we began creating their content based on heritage, history, and British style. We worked closely with the team at Whittle building the right words for both their website and their catalogue.

Whittle Interiors