Chip off the old block

I belong to a wonderful blogging group called WhitPress. Every month we meet up and Jonathan, the leader, sets topics for us to write about. Last month they were Mother’s Day and chocolate, which sent me and Annie into a bit of a spin as we both don’t have mothers anymore. That can happen with content writing, sometimes it can just land a little too close to home.

It was only when I was making my excuses at the April meeting, that I realised that there was something that I could write about for our business blog that was related to Mum.

Superfluous Words

My mum was a librarian and extremely well read. One of her bugbears were superfluous words, those words that have no place being in a sentence.

Unfortunately, this has rubbed off on me! I am a chip off the old block, a hater of unnecessary extras, a detester of flounce. My dream content is comparable to Ercol. Classic, smooth, beautiful, and timeless.

Here are the superfluous words that make me cringe (thanks Mum)


My mum used to argue that ‘got’ is a lazy word. She would contend that there are always far better alternatives that could be used. I have to say that I agree.

“I’ve got…” can easily become “I have…”

“We went and got…” can transpose to “We went and found/bought/discovered…”

“On a daily basis”

Daily! It’s daily! Or weekly or annually.


Yes. There’s an extra letter in “yeah”. A whole extra letter. Plus, it sounds dismissive and impolite. It’s not a friendly word, it’s offhand.



I feel like I’ve just outed myself as being incredibly judgemental, however, the passion that is there translates well, meaning that all of our clients receive readable and usable content from Kitchen Table Creative.

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