Make it memorable

Until yesterday evening it would be safe to argue that the majority of the population had never heard of Elon Musk or Tesla Cars, that was until Elon Musk (a person, not an aftershave) launched a cherry red convertible Tesla into orbit. As a marketing stunt, it is certainly memorable.

It would be interesting to see the Google Analytics for Tesla this morning (and the download figures for David Bowie’s Life on Mars).

There are also some lessons that we can take away from yesterday’s launch.

  • Make everything you do memorable. Yes, I realise, we can’t all send rockets into space, but we can create ideas/phrases/images that people remember.
  • Be imaginative! Even consider being audacious! By spurring your customers’ imaginations, you provide them with the opportunity to see your product/service in a different light.
  • Invest in your content and marketing. A business analyst that I know suggests that a small business should set aside at least one-quarter of their profits for marketing and advertising. A small outlay, well used, can go a very long way.
  • DON’T PANIC (and always carry a towel)!

For the rest of the week, I will be considering how to achieve marketing nirvana through the use of a blue Fiat Panda adorned with a handy kayak rack.

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