Reasons to love your copywriter

I think that I could safely say that I love my hairdresser. I would walk over hot coals to maintain the pinkness of my hair. I love my mechanic too, trusting him to do things that I am totally incapable of, like checking the brakes on my car. They are people who are entrusted with my image, my safety and my overall happiness. I realise that I should probably tell them this, or that I should have sent them a Valentine’s card.

This is specifically the reason why you should love and hug your copywriter (and if you don’t have one find one). Aside from the fact that they are able to make humorous comparisons to aftershave when discussing current affairs, meaning that they are undoubtedly an ideal person to have a pint with, they are also brilliant at selling things. From finding the right tone of voice for your business to creating a letter to send to your customers, a copywriter is a potent tool for any venture.

Making sure that you are portraying yourself correctly, with the right tone of voice, images and content, is a copywriter’s passion. Telling the world what you do and why, using language that your clients understand, and explaining why you are the best person for the job are key skills that make clients hug their copywriters.

And if all else fails, we are also amazing at writing dating website profiles, can edit any texts and give feedback on replies. So, if your Valentine’s was a little bit lonely, feel free to get in touch. 

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