The importance of Content in a Covid-19 world

We think we can all safely agree that Covid-19 has dramatically changed the way businesses and consumers communicate with each other. Months of lockdown have inevitably changed the way all of us interact with companies. For the months where access to high streets was limited, it became imperative that shops, restaurants, and every other service, could communicate effectively to their existing and new customers. As the threat of Covid-19 continues to rumble, the need to find someone to TippyTap decent digital content has never been more critical.

So, what do you do to make sure that you can digitally transform your business despite reduced takings over recent months?

Create a content plan

Think about what facilities you have available to you. Do you have social media accounts mouldering somewhere in a corner? Is there a Google My Business listing that has been forgotten about? How’s your website looking?

All of these are ideal ways of connecting with your target audience. Take a moment to consider what’s coming up over the next six months so, Christmas, New Year, back to school, and then consider what it is that you want to push to your customers. Having a long term plan allows you to be prepared. It doesn’t allow you to sit back and relax though, because all plans have to be followed through.

Think about your content

We think this is now the moment where we get to talk about emojis. Can we all just make an agreement now that they should firmly stay in the realms of WhatsApp and texting? Overuse ???? of emojis ???? devalues ⛔️ the message ???? you’re trying to ????get across and sends ✉️ readers ???? a bit loopy ????. Hopefully, you’re still reading and get our point.

While we’re on the subject, think about your grammar and spelling. We’ve extolled the joys of Grammarly before and we’re going to do it again. Grammarly is a brilliant little app that checks for typos and errors as you’re typing in social media.

Oh, and only write posts when you’re sober. Once the wine or beer has been poured, step away from the social media (that could just be a general life lesson we’ve all learnt from Covid-19 lockdown).

Content is more than just words

It’s pictures, videos, podcasts, what you write in the windows of your business. Making sure that it’s all of decent quality and that it reflects the message you want to send is a must-have.

How’s the website looking?

Changing the content on your website doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to pay someone to completely build you a new one. For reasonably new sites (built within the last 3-4 years) it should be quite simple to change the words and images to reflect your current situation. The most important thing to remember is that every bit of information is up to date, so someone coming across it will know precisely how to use your business.

Can everyone see all the good things you’re doing?

Last, but by no means least, consider how people find your business online. If you think of your web presence as being a shopfront, are the curtains pulled and is there a closed sign up. You must make sure that your website is fully optimised, using appropriate keywords and that you’re attracting the right traffic through social media.

If in doubt, ask an expert

There’s an obvious reason why we’re writing this blog. It’s because we want you to ask some experts for help. In fairness though, we’d really rather give some sterling advice than have you struggling with content and ideas that don’t make sense. For some business owners, creating a content strategy will be as easy as 1,2,3, but for others, it will feel more difficult. TippyTap Ltd is always happy to have a chat, even if you don’t end up becoming our client. In our minds, the more businesses that stay open and functioning during Covid-19, the better.

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