The power of good content

When I was studying Politics at University, my first lecturer stood up and told us to look around. “Politics is everywhere”, he said, “From the smallest conversation between a parent and a child to international diplomacy. It is a beating heart that threads its way through humanity.” (Or words to that extent.) The same could be said for content.

Describing the role of a¬†copywriter I find myself having to bring my career down to the most basic level. “So, basically, I write stuff for people.” There are moments, usually after a couple of gin and tonics, where I tell whoever it is who thinks that my job involves patents, to look at all the writing and imagery around them, “I do this!” (waves an arm, spills said gin and tonic).

Without wanting to sound too dramatic about it, the content is what makes or breaks a website or campaign. You can have the best graphic designers, most prestigious coders, and an award-winning photographer, but if your content isn’t right, it’s all pretty pointless. I’m going to throw social media content into the mix here too. Copywriters are the creators of your business voice. Their words speak for you.

It isn’t just the writing either. A client once asked me how long it took me to write an article. I had to reply “How long is a piece of string?” We research, study, read, collect and then come out with, what we hope is, a finished product. Since becoming a copywriter my pub quiz knowledge has skyrocketed, I can tell you every event that is happening in my local area whilst opining on whether burnt or hand distressed hardwood flooring works for current vintage trends.

So there you have it. If you have a copywriter, go and give them a hug and ask to see their collection of favourite tabloid pun headlines (they will undoubtedly have one). If you don’t have a copywriter, go and find one or contact us. Seriously! Even if it is just to look at your website and tell you that it looks brilliant.

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