What is Fiverr? And why using cheap copywriting is a bad idea for your business.

This is a situation that many in our industry have felt…

“When I was a very junior copywriter and ‘PR girl’, about 20 years ago, I became accustomed to being trotted in at the end of a client brief, with the words, “give her your brochure, she’ll do the copy.’”

In other words, the pictures are the most important thing, and the rest is just content stuffing, which any semi-literate person could do. Even the PR girl.

Of course, that was a long time ago, in an industry far, far away – or to be precise, an industry that is constantly evolving and adapting to new methods of communication.

So, have attitudes to the value of clever, efficient copywriting changed in the last two decades? Well, some businesses still don’t understand the importance of well-crafted prose, and that’s where Fiverr comes in.

Fiverr – Not Just a Typo

If you’re not familiar with Fiverr, or its growing number of competitors, it’s a bidding platform where you can buy cheap marketing services. Part of the gig economy, along the lines of Uber and other businesses, it undercuts traditional working hours and pay structures.

The idea behind the (frankly awful) name is that you can buy a piece of copywriting work, a blog like this for example, for as little as $5.

Too good to be true? You’re not wrong, and there are two reasons why.

You Get What You Pay For

Battery farmed eggs, cheap shoes, flimsy rubbish sacks, £1 pants… these are all low-cost purchases that are generally awful.

Buying cheap copywriting is another false economy. Great copy is about more than filling space and shoving in keywords. It’s the voice of your brand. Blogs, social media posts, brochures, websites… these all require different tone, language and content.  A good writer offers a fresh perspective, incorporates marketing concepts like vison and calls to action, targets particular audiences, and turns prospects into clients.

But this degree of expertise calls for a close working relationship between client and writer. Bidding services like Fiverr simply cannot reproduce that relationship.

In addition, Fiverr doesn’t moderate users. It doesn’t check for copyright violations. Quality control is provided in the form of an algorithm, which is said to “monitor ‘performance,” but only records speed of supply.

In short, it’s as cheap and nasty as a sweatshop-produced fake designer handbag.

Fiverr = Ethical Nightmare

Much like the sweatshop handbag mentioned above, services like Fiverr come at a cost not just to the quality of product, but also to the welfare of the producers.

Low prices and tight turnaround times put huge pressure on suppliers. This obviously results in poor quality work, but also makes a seller’s typical hourly rate fall far below what would be considered a living wage in the UK. Everybody loses, apart from Fiverr of course. Fiverr takes 20% of the revenue, so the writer is paid $4 for a $5 blog, and also has to pay fees to PayPal to get their money.

Most buyers on Fiverr are from wealthy economies such as the UK and the US, but most sellers are from poorer countries such as India. It’s easy for western users to exploit international sellers who cannot afford to say no to work.

Talk To Tippy Tap

Like all self-respecting marketing experts, we know the true value of the written word.

Bidding sites are a waste of your money, and the poor-quality materials they supply could easily turn off customers and hurt your business.

Tippy Tap is different. We won’t content stuff just to fill space, and we pay our writers a fair price for excellent copy.

Call us or drop us an email for a chat to discuss your communication needs.

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