Who has forgotten that social media should be fun?

There’s that moment when faced with a blinking cursor and a neglected social media feed, that panic can set in.  But fear not, there are a ridiculous about of internet celebration days that you can celebrate! I am not talking about fundraising charity days, where cakes are made, and wigs are worn in aid of a good cause.  I am talking about the more random and obscure.  Today being the international coffee day, in reality, this is something that the TippyTap celebrate every day.

You may have realised by now that we don’t like to take things too seriously, the fact we have a cat as a director is a little bit of a giveaway on that front.  We’ve also been a bit neglectful of our social media recently.  But we also want to remind people that social media is supposed to be social and possibly, more importantly, fun!

So, with this in mind, we are embarking on a social media caper to try and celebrate and bring in to the light the more random and obscure internet celebrations as well as the more mundane, but hopefully with a little TippyTap flare thrown into the mix.

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