Why you should think about your tone of voice.

Here’s a question for you; do you talk to your kids/friends/spouse in the same way that you talk to your clients? We’d wager that you don’t. Why is that? It’s a simple answer, we have a different tone of voice for every situation.

We’ve all been there, sitting on the phone, talking to customer service somewhere, and we put on our ‘phone voice’. It’s the ‘I know what I’m talking about, don’t cross me, I know it’s not your fault but you’re going to fix it‘ voice. We have a different voice when we’re running late and the kids won’t put on their shoes. That’s the ‘I love you, I want you to succeed, WHY WON’T YOU LISTEN TO ME, I LOVE YOU, PUT ON YOUR BLOODY SHOES’ voice.

We have different voices for different situations for the simple fact that that’s how we want to be perceived. On the phone to customer services, we want to seem accommodating, understanding, but forceful. When the youngest ones in the family won’t put their shoes on, stressed, forcefully pointing out that your work pays for said shoes, stressed (it’s stressful, right?).

So, different voices for different situations…

For many small business owners, our company is our baby. What this means is that sometimes our tone of voice is a bit off. We project our wants and needs onto our business and that shines through in the way we market it. What we need to do is to consider any company we own as a separate entity, with its own voice. A living organism that speaks.

It’s difficult. And that’s where a copywriter comes into the equation.

Seeing the wood for the trees (or infact, seeing the bark on the trees)

Your business needs a tone of voice. That thing that defines it and also connects with your customers. We love looking at content and advertising and picking out what a company has done to cater to a certain tone. In the most basic of examples, you wouldn’t use the words fleek or fly for a company selling mobility scooters (give it thirty years though). You’d tailor the wording to your clients. You’d also ask your staff!

Why did your business cross the road? To find its tone of voice.

At TippyTap, we ask new clients to complete a ‘Tone of Voice Survey’. When we say clients, we mean everyone connected with the business. The questions range from ‘If your company was a car, what would it be?’ to ‘Why did your company cross the road?’.

Yes, they seem facile, but the answers are very useful. They provide an educational insight into how your team sees your business. They also help us to drill down to the perfect tone of voice for your company. The one that makes potential customers actually click ‘contact us’.

Think of it like a dating site

In a pool of willing options, what makes you stand out from the crowd? Your offering? Or the way you speak to your target market? Can they understand what you’re talking about? Does your wording represent something that you would want in your life?

TippyTap create a document for you which gives you the confidence to either a) create and post confident content for your business, or b) have some ownership of your voice when you employ a copywriter (cough, cough, nudge, nudge), or social media marketer.

We love Tone of Voice

Genuinely! We’re the people who sit and watch comedians and say, “oh, that was good”, or look at adverts for Innocent and swoon.

So, if you’re thinking that maybe you aren’t connecting with your target market, or just that your Tinder profile really isn’t getting results, get in touch.

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