You Are What You E-A-T: Healthy Ranking Success

What do you know about E-A-T?

Don’t panic, this isn’t yet another springtime lifestyle blog about eating clean or getting that swimsuit body in time for summer. Although we do have a pro-tip on how to get a swimsuit body: get a swimsuit and wear it on your body. Job done. You’re welcome.

No, E-A-T is an SEO acronym, unusually coined by Google itself. Standing for expertise, authority and trustworthiness, E-A-T was devised to ensure the quality of YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) content, such as health and financial advice, but now applies across the board. It describes the kind of content Google will rank highly.

E-A-T For Expertise

To rank for expertise, you need to think about different visitors to your site. What are they looking for? Answering this requires knowledge of two things: keywords and intent.

Thorough keyword research, including both head keywords and long tail keywords, will help you produce content for a broad range of enquiries. Avoid the over-use of industry jargon. Instead, put yourself inside the head of someone that needs your products and services. What questions might they type or speak into Google? Then consider what a customer might search next – can you predict and answer that next question? 

Intent is all about the reason someone begins a Google search. They might simply be looking for information. They might be researching a potential purchase, or looking to buy something immediately. Considering these different intents gives you multiple chances to draw visitors to your site. This improves conversion potential.

E-A-T For Authority

Persuading Google to see you as an authority in your field broadly comes down to links and mentions.

Links used to be easy to accumulate – old fashioned link-farms grouped unrelated websites together, maximising their SERP ratings. But although these do still exist, Google is now wise to lazy techniques like this, and sanctions websites that use them. Nowadays, you need links from reputable and relevant sites within your industry. 

Mentions on media and industry websites also impress Google. These take time to build up, but will boost your authority profile. Having your content shared on social media is another valuable tool for Google recognition. You could also aim for an official Wikipedia page for your company – there are fairly stringent criteria for getting one of these, but Google raters include them.

E-A-T For Trustworthiness

Expertise and authority are very important, but when it comes to rankings, trustworthiness is vital. Google demotes sites it perceives as untrustworthy.

What are your customers saying about you? Ratings pages like Trustpilot and TripAdvisor have a huge impact on rankings. Too many bad reviews will send your SERP results through the floor. Negative chatter can also deeply damage your reputation. So, it’s important to keep on top of complaints and provide multiple and well-maintained channels of communication with your customers. 

Also, what’s the provenance and quality of the information and advice you publish? Give citations wherever possible. Provide links to any professional bodies, awards, research and qualifications.

Trustworthiness is also demonstrated by your web security, your handling of customer information, privacy and payment details. 

You should have a clear, easily accessed complaints policy and procedure, plus returns and refunds advice where relevant. 

Clarity, transparency and ease of use will tick lots of boxes for Google’s algorithms.

So, E-A-T… what’s the takeaway?

These days there are no quick fixes for Google optimisation. But taking the time to build up an online presence that’s all about expertise, authority and trustworthiness will give you an authentic reputation, translating into excellent results.

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